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Sword & Sorcery Novella 4


A man and woman from worlds apart are tethered by fate, fealty, and divine purpose as they are drawn into the fight against a timeless evil.

Eona, the huntress of the great jungle struggles to keep her sanity and her life as all that she knows and recognizes is torn from her by the Murlur, the ancient race of amphibious creatures that have risen from their slumber in the depths of the abyss with but one intent: Destroy the world of man.

Therick, a raider from the Northern isles looks into the depths of his soul and shifts from villain to hero as he commits to saving the lives of those he set out to pillage in order to save them, himself, and the promise of his future from a far more sinister enemy.

As the clouds gather over the black spire and ancient gods are called forth from ice and stone, will legends will be born…or die?


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