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Dear Reader

Today I'm going to tell you a little something about a book I don't think too many people know about, but if they like thrillers they damn should.

Oni: By Marc Olden:

I was looking over my shelf a few days ago for something to read. I wanted something action packed, something thrilling that would have me turning the page. But I didn't want to read anything too Hollywood, I mean something too real and vicious to ever get a green light on a big budget script. It needed grit in the action. Heavy punches, hard drinks and wild drugs, sinister heroes and villains much worse. I wanted guns not swords, I wanted cars not horses, I wanted clubs not taverns. I looked over a score of spy and and detective novels, serial killers and mobsters, but nothing, no one was catching my eye. Until I saw the cover of a book I bought in a used book store ten years ago. A book I once began to read, but at the time it had more grit in it than I could swallow. I mean these heroes are the rough stuff, these villains had names that the devil would spit on. An underbelly to society was turned over exposed and disemboweled before my reading eyes, I closed the book and I put it down, I picked up something else, something I have forgotten and I moved on. Until now, I picked Oni back up and I read it through. It had me sweating that type of sweat that doesn't have a damn thing to do with the heat. The sweat you sweat when your nerves are strung and your foot is tapping with a kind of palsy, as the hairs on the back of your neck stick up on end.

Marc Olden was a masterful mystery and suspense writer. I wish more people knew his name.

If anyone is interested you can by Oni used here:

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